We operate in the training field every day with an eye towards the future. We are always looking for new proposals and training methods to simplify the transfer of knowledge between teacher and learner. We organise conferences, seminars, workshops and create innovative formats to improve learning methods.



ECM provider

We are a National Standard Provider. Since 2001 we have been planning and running ECM accredited training courses, developing training plans in different therapeutic areas. We deal with residential and field training and also provide self-learning tools that allow the student to attend remote learning courses.

  • Residential training (RES)
  • Field training (FSC)
  • Distance training (FAD)

Digital learning & Multimedia

Digital learning means, first of all, being in step with the times. We never take anything for granted and believe that innovation and technology can make all the difference in scientific training. Our research and development laboratory, a workshop in constant ferment, researches and creates solutions capable of simplifying the transfer of information to students through experiential and immersive technologies. We study innovative formats and tools to increase interactivity and dialogue in learning: interactive exercises, multimedia clinical cases, e-learning software and much more.

We know how